Starved Rock State
Park, Utica, IL
Asylum at the
Jerome Grand Hotel,
Jerome, AZ
July 1st
the prettiest party photos are courtesy of famous Jerome photographer Mark A. Dolce
Karen and
of Jerome
at left- Chad, Ellen and pal Ricky Lovelace of Jerome.

Below at left: Leah Sevier and Kahlil Rinaldi of Clarkdale.

Below at right: Jim Buthman of Flagstaff with Ellen Jo
Below from left to right: Lisa O'Neill, Denise Lerette, & John
O'Neill all of Clarkdale, Karen Lanning of Jerome, and Tim
Elinski of Cottonwood.
Below center : Nate Champion and his lovely sweetie Alice, of Cottonwood with Jeff & Rose Dana of Sedona