50 Cent For Bugs
Autumn 2000
Cover design by EJD Roberts

Taj Mahal, Old Punk, New Junk,
Toys, Otto's of DeKalb IL.(a look
back at how cool it used to be!),
Rick Was The Star!, the
Tellietubbies, Leningrad
Cowboys, Summer in Arizona
2000 (detailing Alice's visit),
Juvie, Nuestra Salvadora in
Mexico, Former Residences,
Weird Halloween, Truck Stop
Chihuahuas, Bad Gifts,  and other
exciting features!

A bit of explanation on the title. It had
nothing to do with now famous rapper "50
Cent"-- he was still off the radar at the time.
It was some crazy dunken thing we said
after drinking  too much tequila. Alice said
'Bugs" was a video game at the arcade. No
matter- We said it all week when she
visited. It has no meaning really!
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