ARTwork page 4
The Giant Gila Monster,
Inspired by really stupid 1950s horror film.
The giant gila monster was in fact, a
regular-sized gila monster, attacking a
miniaturized set.
The "monster" wore a somewhat bored

One of the taglines of the movie trailer
blurted "
TERRIFYING an entire population"
so that heartily summed it up!
private collection, AZ.
Hooki Pooki is a strange Halloween costume from the
1950s, owned by pal Rick Lovelace. He calls it "Hooki
Pooki", and it was featured in bizarre videos made at Rick's
design studio in Oakland, California in the late 1980s.
After watching some of these old videos, we forced Ricky to
fish dusty
Hooki Pooki out of the closet downstairs. Now
Hooki lives again!

They Made Me Be a Monster!"
Hooki's catchphrase, inspired the title of our "Little
Monsters" show, which Hooki Pooki proudly presided over--
the actual original Hooki Pooki, hung high on the wall,
overseeing the show and the huge throng of guests at the
gala opening.
Hooki Pooki
c.2003 private collection, Arizona
Ellen J.D.Roberts,Hooki Pooki, and
Rick Lovelace.
M.A.Dolce photo
Superfriends on 1960s table. c.2002
Mariachi. c.2002
Daily Vitamins & Minerals c.2002
Campout. c.2003
Rick Lovelace and I have had 2 featured artist shows together-- "Little
Monsters" in August 2003, and "Trick or Treat" in October 2006. Click in the
show posters for more detail.