Heeeeeere's HAZEL!
We adopted Hazel in February 2012.
She was "our Valentine's present."

A suprise batch of puppies landed on
our friends, the Godina family of
Clarkdale, born to their Chihuahua
Lucy after an interlude with Jonny
Russell's chihuahua-mix, Chico.

We casually mentioned we'd be a
"back-up plan" should they not be able
to find homes for all of the puppies.
(After all, Floyd's the president and
founder of the "
Clarkdale Chihuahua
Despite numerous ads and avid
marketing effort to place the puppies,  
Amber still had three that needed to
find homes.
Chad really wanted this puppy, whom 8
year-old Violet had named "Violet."
So she came to live at our house, and
we named her Hazel.
She's a bundle of energy and lots of fun.
Hazel's handsome dad, Chico,
meets Floyd in the Clarkdale
August 2010
Hazel's adorable other moms:
Lucy the Chihuahua, and
Amber, our friend and neighbor.
February 2012
Ned grooms his new pet.