October 1st, 2005. Wheeler Park,
Flagstaff Arizona.

The Tour de Fat Fat Tire Bike &
Beer Festival sponsored by New
Belgium Brewery, of Ft.Collins, CO.

Flagstaff consumed more beer (120
kegs) than any other city on the
tour! Bunch of drunks!
Douglas and his accordian. He's pretty
Floyd and Ellen on Grandpa's Schwinn
Natasha Shealy, Tim Elinski, at a yard sale
where we picked up some costume effects!
Not actually Johnny Depp, though the
resemblance is striking, isn't it?
Matthew Davin.
The historic Hotel Monte Vista
After the festival, we headed up to
Elden Lookout Rd. to camp out in the
cold pines.

Ruth from Altai Leather of Jerome
joined us.