Roadtrip to Utah- October 2008
Chad read in a 1973 issue of "Desert" magazine that "Septober" was always the best season to visit Southern Utah, so we scheduled a roadtrip north in
early October. The rainy weather could not dampen the natural beauty of the region. We spent two nights in Boulder, UT, touring the entire Escalante/
Grand Staircase area for a few days. All of it scented by a handful of big basin sage crushed in my pocket.
The Burr Trail, between Boulder and Bullfrog
Escalante, Utah
Group portait at arm's
length, Escalante River
Chad at our old campsite at Calf Creek.
That big basin sage is a fond memory from our 1997
camping trip, scenting our dreams. It's now bigger than
ever! And I was glad to see it again.
Where we stayed, Circle Cliffs Motel,
Boulder, Utah. Very comfy!
Rattlesnake Canyon,
a bonafide slot canyon!
Off of the Burr Trail
Highway 12 is insane.
You could totally
crash from gawking at
the scenery
Orderville, Utah
a sunny Sunday in Arizona, en
route home, the Colorado River
at Navajo Bridge
Mt. Carmel Junction, UT.
Home of the "Ho-Made"