bat munch
spring 1999
Contents as shown on page 1...
Four whole fried chickens and a coke

The Kitchen sink

Domorigotto Mr. Roboto

Whack Foddle Do Foddle Diddley Idle

Farkact Suits

Doobity Do WapWap Say What Yeah

For Sure and like TOTALLY

Three Cheers for the "Lonely Planet"

Billy Ray Cyrus speaks out on the merits
of the mullet (or hockey hair)

Summer get-aways of the candiru

Cheers, Brilliant, Cor-Blimey!

Tellietubbies invade, cause havock and

Don't get no security Invoved!
cover design by AK Dubois
actual contents:
Florida Beachcombers ("I didn't work for a whole
month!") Tellietubbies visit America, "Freckles",
more critique of Cine Club, Raoul (famous
Jerome cat), Verde Street, Thrillseekers!!
Volkswagen Love, Commercial Kiddies (coffee
achievers, tootsie pops, Madness does Colgate,
etc.) California road trip, Boardinghouse Blues,
This issue's pin-up boy -Tommy Duncan circa
1933, Valley Girl, the origin of "Get to Know It!",
Funny Trix, Fin de Sicle,  Medusa's and the
Balloon above the car dealership (it's a trick).
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