Clarkdale Arizona
the yellow schoolhouse in Clarkdale
The Clark Mansion, near Pecks Lake,
Zunicks, Lower Clarkdale
As random and improvised was Jerome,
Clarkdale was the exact opposite-- a
tidy company town, "master planned"
and laid out on a grid and subdivided  
by into Upper Town (high class), Lower
Town (working class) and Patio Town
(Mexican immigrants)

Clarkdale was selected as an ideal
smelter location for processing
Jerome's ore, and a good place to build
a railroad to service the mines. With
access to fresh water from the Verde
River and an ideal  climate, Clarkdale
was born.

The homes and infrastructure of the
town were built to the exact
specifications of William Clark, and
United Verde Copper Company. Our
brick bungalow in Lower Town was
built in 1914.

We've lived in Clarkdale since 2001.
Main Street
Clarkdale AZ
Sycamore Canyon Trailhead, near Clarkdale
Chad at the upper
park with the dogs
       The Verde River                    as it winds its way through Clarkdale