Clyde's Art Gallery of Kitty Pin-ups
Clyde died on March 14th 2011 at age 11.
He lived with us for 10 years of his life and he
was the best cat ever. He was  the boss of the
dogs, a respected leader. A noisy big mouth
always waking us up. A window gazer, a
cartwheeler, a somersaulter. Clyde liked walking
on a leash, and rolling in the sand.
I will always be impressed that he did not kill a
tiny Chihuahua puppy when he very well could

He died of a genetic condition called Polycystic
Kidney Disease. It was something he'd had
since he was a kitten and there was nothing we
could have done to change his fate. He died at
home in his yard, in the tall sunny grass and
shade of a yucca.
He is buried next to our eucalyptus tree.
In his shoebox coffin: a tiny pillow for his head,
favorite toys, Sedona red earth, Verde River
clam shells, Big Basin Sage, kitty postcards from
his pin up gallery, a Polaroid photo of Floyd and
Ivan, and locks of all of our hair.
We will always love you, handsome Clyde.