"Crispy Cronch
AKA Sharky's Machine"
early 1996
Our very ambitious
inaugural issue, printed
full sheet size,
8 1/2 x 11 inches. Cover
design by AK Dubois

Real World London, Fashion
Faux Pas, Taffy the Dead
Head Cow, Yahoo Serious,
Weird Things of the West, My
Baby Has a Mohawk,
Childhood Recipes, Creepy
Uncles I Have Known, Tim
Roth (Quentin Tarantino's lap
dog), Best & Worst Essential
Oils, Horoscopes, My
European Tour Starring
Alice!, Alice's Dream Page,
Salvation Army Score!,
T-Shirts I have Owned, More
disdain for Quentin Tarantino,
Oleda's Beauty Tips, 1976 TV
Guide Listings, Chicago
Tid-Bits, Cha-cha-cha-Che,
Fun in the Tub, Florida
Freaks, Boy George book
review, Things Me and My
Brother Did, Ska, 1970s Punk
Vs. 1990s Punk,
What Ever Happened to Word
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