Spring 2002

Cover by EJD Roberts
In this issue:
Sigue Sigue Sputnik,  More Naked People,  Rodents and other
peaceful creatures from the Lincoln Park Zoo Small Mammal
House  (EJDR's winter visit to Chicago),  the New Studio Line
from L'Oreal,  Volkswagens,  black squirrels,  1972 Bus,
Actual quote-I don't remember saying it  (things Ellen said as a
child),  Bisbee Arizona and the Shady Dell Vintage Trailer
Court,  Recollections of Youth,  Tab,  Mexicans (the amazing
story of Hilda Udave) , and the ONE and ONLY Shoji (of Branson,
Shoji says, "Enjoy!"
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the actual Tiny Lounge, on Addison St. in Chicago, near the Ravenswood elevated tracks
EJDR photo c.2001