May 17th 2008
Clarkdale AZ
When we throw a party, we really throw a party.
We hadn't had one in a while, and there were myriad
reasons why we needed to...

--Ruth Ellen was back from 6 weeks in Hawaii.
--Numerous Taurus birthdays
--Heidi Paul visiting from California!

There were 46 people in attendance! A world's record
at that address. Mojitos and roast pork were
consumed. We danced. We took photos,
Everyone was fairly well-behaved.
Those who weren't, well, you know who you are.
karen and mark hemleben
brandy lee cooper kisses a
painting by alice dubois
mateo and dean bubalo
with chad in the kitchen
heidi kissed me!... i kissed her back
heidi paul danced with
mark hemleben
pals brandy lee
cooper and amber
cole hemleben
Wes and
Elissa Ballew
Ricky Lovelace and
Rex  Peters -
double exposure!
From L to R:
Lerrette, Ruth
Ellen Suding,
Heidi Paul and
From L to R:
Ruth Ellen Suding, Kahlil
Rinaldi, Rick Lovelace,
Brandon Williams and Karen
From L to R:
Those wacky NOISE folks--
Charles Seiverd, "Brother"
Aaaron Levy, and Meredith
Seiverd. They are going to
"PUMP you UP!"
Lisa and John O'Neill of Clarkdale, with Denise
Stylish longtime local, Maria
Jerome girl. Jett Tennant
from L to R-
Heidi Paul, Karen Lanning, me, Jasper Lanning and Cole Hemleben
Brandon Williams brought a friend named Brad.
Tim McCune and Chad, turning into
werewolves under the full moon
Tim brought and fried morel mushrooms.
They were excellent!
Junior party guests, Rosa
and Mateo, playing maracas
(Note: tim elinski is crazy!)