jerome jamboree, september 2008
The 2 great tastes that go great together-- vintage Volkswagens, and vintage bikes
Chad and me, in my
limited edition
Ghostwagens t-shirts
Chad poses with Zack Druen, John Ross, some dude from the band
"Like Jupiter", and a hitchhiker chick.
I pose with some strange  hippies. Chad doesn't like this
"I mean, who are those guys and why is there a
photo of you with them?
Kahlil and Meredith
of the Ghostwagens
Brian and Kambra
of the Ghostwagens
The Ghostwagens were out in
force for the 18th annual Jerome
Jamboree, sponsored by the
Arizona Bus Club, at Jerome's
Gold King Mine.

Guess it got kinda wild up there
Saturday night, all kinds of raunchy
debauchery and rowdy revelry.

Good thing I missed that!
Dawn of PLF
and her
daughter, Aurora
The Ghostwagens
collection of
vintage coolers
While being lowered  to compete in the "slow drag", this single-
cab fell on a man. He suffered minor injuries. I happened to be
standing right there when it happened. Everyone was quick to
rush to his aid.
I met this fellow who had the same Argus camera as
me, a slightly more vintage version. We each took
photos of each other with our vintage Argus
rangefinders. His parting salutation:
"Keep on capturing the light!"