Jim and Carla's visit
January 29-Feb. 4 2009  Chicagoans in Arizona!
My bro, Jim, aka "Travis
Bicklehead" in his makeshift
mohawk, and his wife,
"Herky Jerky McPregelton"
(Carla, 3 months pregnant)
came to visit us before Baby
Dahlberg arrives in late July
We had a great time,
with visits to Sedona,
Jerome, Prescott, and
assorted Verde Valley
national monuments.
Sedona AZ
89A, Verde Valley Overlook, near Jerome AZ.
Carla, me, Jim and Chad
Carla with me, Floyd and Ivan,
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon
Picnic at Sycamore Canyon with Tim, Ruth and 5 dogs
(photo by Jim from up in a sycamore tree!)
City Boy stuck in a tree
Jimmy and me,
with Floyd watching
out the window
Jimmy and Carla, out to
dinner at Nic's in Old Town
Breakfast at
Flatiron Cafe
Tuzigoot, Clarkdale AZ
Campfire and BBQ at
Tim and Ruth's
Montezuma's Castle,
Camp Verde AZ