Introducing Jim and Carla Dahlberg!
adventures & events
Montrose Harbor, Chicago.

Bridesmaids, Melissa and Edin
Cousin Johnny
Best Men, Ed Sergo, Steve Bosnyak, and Phil LaPalermo assist Jim in hoisting Carla aloft.
The rooftop at Murphy's Bleachers...
Cousins Kate and Colleen
Edin tries a shot of Slivovitz,
a traditional
Serbian plum brandy.
Strong stuff!!
half-sister Pat came all the way from San Diego!
Dog handler, Chad, and ringbearer, Floyd, pose with the newlyweds
Cousins Lisa, and Linda, and Linda's son, Ian.
Uncle Fred, Aunt Joyce and Mom.
Eric , Rachel, Jason....
Some of the fabulous FORBES family... rockstar Luke, Jim's first friend Ryan, super cool hippie Mom Marcia, and Ryan's lovely wife Rachel
Denise Trylovich, Lou and Rosemary Komnenich.
"Uncle Lou is in the house!
Let's hear it for Uncle Lou! "
Chad with Mark Trylovich..
Ellen with Becky and Lauren Trylovich
Mom and Bob
Steve and Melissa in the limo
this is the album cover shot, right here!
me, mom, jim,
carla and bob