Kansas City,Missouri
November 2007
a big brawny midwestern
town built by gangsters
I was in KC for a conference. During my stay I wandered
the streets with my vintage Argus 35mm camera, &
a cheap plastic lomographic colorflash camera.
My goal was to capture the brawniness, big concrete,
great neon, and ghost signs of the city. I also enjoyed
tasting all the beers at the regional "Boulevard Brewery".

During my visit to Kansas City, I witnessed a robbery,
and was also propositioned by a hobo.
"the "lavergne & shirley" style bottling
operation at Boulevard Brewery...
I walked around downtown at night with an
open shutter to capture the big city brick nightscapes.
The Pinstripe Band, from New Orleans,entertained us at a
conference luncheon sponsored by Louisiana Tourism.
An "authentic"
KC mobster
outside Union
Kansas City
Union Station