made in clarkdale 2005
Martinis flowed freely during the Made in Clarkdale weekend.

First of all, Heidi Paul was in town for the show, so this led to
much joviality and 80's dancing in the Roberts living room.
The Made in Clarkdale show, up at the Clarkdale Clubhouse,  
is always a great party on opening night. Everyone who's
anyone is there! The show features artwork made by folks who
live or work in Clarkdale, and it  was the first public viewing of
Floyd's Excellent Adventures Travel Series photos. It was a
huge success! People went koo koo for it!
Ruth Ellen Suding of Jerome AZ. (by way of Indiana)
Hey Ruth Ellen! Have some martini with your olives why
don't cha?
Chad, Heidi Paul, Karen Lanning and Kelly Roberge
Kelly Roberge and Jim Quinn...and Floyd.
"Maverick Satire", Natasha Shealy, Willow Wright
Karen Hemleben and Tim Elinski