Midwestern Adventures-
August -September 2009
Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan
James Jacob Dahlberg
born July 24th, 2009
Sweet Baby James,
(aka "Shmutzie"
and "Party Man")
likes to sleep
Illinois Canyon,
Starved Rock
State Park
NIU Campus, DeKalb, Illinois
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In 10 days, we visited all of our immediate relatives
(including our newborn nephew, James Jacob), 3 states, 2
time zones, and a
20 year class reunion, traveling by car,
plane, train, limo, CTA bus, and foot, sharing space with 5
dogs, 12 cats, 3 ferrets, 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit.
It was a bit epic.
Ramones Fans
South Shore Depot- Milennium Station,
heading east to
Beverly Shores Indiana on
the 10:10am train....