October 2004
In October 2004, the
gang gathered on
several occasions to
celebrate the visit of  the
fair and lovely Ms. Heidi
Paul, and wish her well
on her next adventure,
moving away to
Heidi, you will be
missed. We love you!

Well I'm going out West,
Out on the coast,
Where those California Girls
Are really the most!
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Above: Kelly Roberge, Heidi Paul, Karen Lanning, Tim Elinski. Can you find the 3 dogs hidden in this photo?
Below: Denise Lerrette, Kahlil Rinaldi, and Ellen out the window.
Chad, don't do it! Smoking's bad for your health!
from left: Karen Lanning, Dean Bubalo, Chad, Heidi,
and Amber McComber
One of the
best things is
Heidi makes
Tim smell
her stinky
It brings Tim
back to his
Loosey is amazing at fetching items
Above, Heidi Paul and
Stacey Champion get
frisky with fake
Halloween body parts at
Jerome's Asylum

At left, Gretchen Knapp
and "Super Spy" girl,
Kira Knapp!
Tim Elinski, John & Lisa O'Neill and many dogs ina frenzy
Kelly: "Take me to your leader".
campout on Mingus