Ricky Lovelace and Ellen in
Jerome, AZ, Summer 2003 (above)
and September 2006 (below)
M.A.Dolce photos
Lisa said this caption should say
"Strikingly beautiful woman poses
with local yokel".   
Meredith Lattimer, Natasha Shealy and
Charles Seiverd, brought to you
courtesy of
the Noise.
Zach Druen with Chad
Lisa & John O'Neill
Tim Elinski and Ruth Ellen Elinksi
New Years Day in The Gulch, Jerome,
AZ @ Karen Lanning's:
Tim, Alice, Rosa, Ruth Ellen, Alan, Brian
and Karen
Brandi Lee Cooper
Timothy Campbell
and Alice DuBois
Ghostwagens at Tuzigoot
Heidi Paul and Michael Mitchell
Mike and Heather Weirath
Ghostwagens at the river
Jasper and Karen Lanning
Karen Mackenzie and son, Cole
The Godina Family
Vida, John and Natasha