Floyd, Ivan and Ned are the animals that live in our house.  We used to have hermit crabs,
and we used to have parakeets, but cats and dogs are far more entertaining.

Clyde died. Clyde came to us via the Jerome Humane Society, in 2001, when he was just shy
of 1 year old. A "flamepoint siamese mix" he was big, cheeky, vocal and friendly. You could
not ask for a better behaved cat!  He would even allow us to walk him on a leash. Clyde died
in 2011, at age 11. He was a wonderful and entertaining pet, and he will live on forever in
the paintings and photographs he inspired..

Floyd, an AKC registered Chihuahua, came to us via Horses 'R Us in Old Town Cottonwood,
at age 6 weeks back in '03. That's him at left, the week we brought him home, weighing in at
a hefty 24 oz., most of that being in his giant noggin.  He's a full grown 5.5  lbs. now and
somewhat famous for his
travel photos, and crazy costumes.

Ivan is a brindly, muscley ball of delight, a Boston Terrier born in nearby Rimrock, AZ. We
brought him home in 2004 when he was 8 weeks old, a shy little pudgeball. He's now the
biggest pet in our pack.

Three new additions to the menagerie:
A handsome kitten named Ned, born in April of 2011, and adopted in May and
Hazel, a chihuahua mix puppy born in December 2011 and adopted in February 2012.

Simon, a rescued parking lot Chihuahua puppy! Born in Nov. 2013 and adopted in Jan.2014
Famous Clarkdale Pets