November 2008
I went to Pittsburgh,
or "Pix-berg" as the
locals call it, for a
tourism conference,
November 2008.
It was freakin cold and
blustery there, but
quite picturesque in a
hilly, post-industrial
sorta way.

Everyone drops the "F
bomb" there quite
casually--they use it as
a noun, adjective,
verb and adverb.

I had a fun time
wandering the city in
the snow, crossing
rivers, riding the
Monongahela Incline,
touring old
drinking 'Iron City"
beer, and visiting the
amazing Andy Warhol
5 stories tall and a
complete fascination.
(and of course they had a
photobooth in the
riding the incline up to Mount Washintgon
Mount Washington
Some Heinz "pop art" at the
convention center.
downtown Pittsburgh
The Monongahela Incline
They sure do love the
Steelers in Pixberg