rawhide in "A"    summer 2000 cover by AK Dubois
"Now I know how the turtle man feels"

Makeshift Toys, It's Howdy Doody Time, Born in Mexico, Fireside Roller
Rink, Famous "Trips" I have taken or Fall From Grace, Puzzling Things in
Married Life, A Day at the Museum of Science and Industry, Cubs-Mania, Sin
City: Visit to Vegas, Favorite Fun Food, Is there something in the water in
Ohio?, DeKalb News Highlights, Naked Prey, More films by Mike Leigh,
Favorite Toys, DeKalb Freaks 1 & 2, Gram Parsons Pin-Up, Scourge of the
West (the huge ass RV), Puerto Penasco-Sonora, Mexico
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