Heather and Mike visit from Chicago
to race the PF Chang's Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!
12th & 13th
I went to Tempe to
see Heather run the
Rock 'n' Roll
Marathon, and meet
her new beau, Mike.
He's a super nice
guy. Floyd, Ivan and
I cheered them on
between miles 14-15
and spent the
weekend hanging
out with them and
their posse of
Chicagoland pals.
Heather and Mike
both broke previous
PB (personal bests),
both qualifying for
the Boston Marathon
in April. How could
they not with a
Boston Terrier
cheering them on?
After the race, Heather generously gave me her practically new totally kick-ass
running shoes, to replace my cruddy old duds, and with them I've started
running again. Just a few miles twice a week. No plans for any marathons,
though!  PS-