roofus &
first 1997 issue- Summer 1997
Cover design by EJD Roberts.

A huge issue!
Contents include: True Story (pin in
boot), Grubbs Updates, Freaks of
Flagstaff, Chad and Ellen Visit Alice in
DeKalb (
"Naked Boy Naked Man!
Where did you get that nice sun tan?"
Beers Cheers Brill-yent, Young Artist,
My Fixation with Australia by Alice,
Temple of Grubbs (
"Let Grubbs Lead
You on the Road to Enlightenment"
Study of the Effects of Alcohol on Alice,
Most Popular Late Night TV
Commericals, Upside Down Comic:
Subway Ride, Great Movies, Annoying
Dead Heads, Library Chronicles, Twins
Separated at Birth, Springfield, Illinois,
Ask Me About About Alfred Jarry,
Hairstyles Thru the Ages, I Was Barbie
Deprived, Sexual Chocolate : the sexual
subtext of Roald Dahl.
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