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10K race
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Some people are born to be runners. I am not
one of those people. I'm not naturally built for it,
and even when I was 15 I was always the
slowest, most oafish girl on my high school
cross-country team. But running was
something I enjoyed anyway, despite my lack
of any natural gift for it. About 3 months ago I
went down to see my high school pal, Heather,
run the Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. She
gave me her Brooks trainers after the race, and
ever since then I have been on the run again.

I started off with running about 2 miles a week.
Then moved up to running 3 miles, then 3
miles twice a week, then 4 times a week, then
adding a longer run on Sunday
mornings---sometimes 4 miles, sometimes 5.  
I signed up to run this 10K in Cottonwood.  I
was not completely equipped to take this on. I
was a bit over my head.

My goal was to finish without walking or
stopping. In this goal I succeeded, though I
came in dead last behind two 80 year old

Those two old dudes won first and second
place in their divisions. From this I learned that
if I live long enough I can outlive everyone else
in my division and maybe win a medal
Endurance in the long run!

I averaged about 14 minute miles, which is not
fast at all. In comparison the winner of the 10K
averaged 5 1/2 minute miles. But considering
this was my first organized race since the
Autumn 1988 cross country season, and also
the longest race I ever ran, I did okay.
Thanks to Heather for the inspiration!

From running this 10K, I also learned that it
isn't about being fast--
it's about sticking with it and not giving up.

That is a good lesson about life in general.
John O'Neill won 2nd place in his age
division. Way to go John!
Team Chihuahua from Clarkdale
The race started and finished at Cottonwood's Riverfront Park,
snaking through Deadhorse Ranch State Park. The 2 mile "fun run"
and 10K both started at the same time.