Dorm Daze. A lil' trip back to 1992...
Party girls Chris and Tina, ready to head
out to an afterhours on Greek Row.
1991 or 1992
Post party morning. Yikes.
Connie Benbenek and Chris Palomar in 1992..
Assorted Neptune West Hall residents, playing
Nintendo, listening to Depeche Mode. 1992.
Messy room 119.
Everyone sunburnt
from sitting in the
Ellen Jo on the floor
looking like the cat
who ate the canary.
Seated Heather Marie
Krezol, and that very
unusual fellow called
Romulus Spognardi.
Whatever became of
him?  Spring 1992.
Chris's button reads "Kiss Me It's My
Birthday!". Angie at right.
Ready to get crazy at a moment's notice
Disaster area!